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i ♥ my life~ Hope u will ♥ ur life too.. I wan to see eU smile^^

Saturday, June 5, 2010 ♥
Tired of it ♥ 9:32:00 PM

Y everytime i try to comfort u bt i cnt??
Seems like doesnt work at alllllll~~!
Im also tired.i know u r tired and dont feel like talking,but atleast talk to me la!
I will feel being ignored ok!!


back to the top
Thursday, June 3, 2010 ♥
As u like ♥ 12:52:00 AM

Just do watever u like..
I care but i cant do anything..
Its ur life..i wont control and i cant
So just go ahead and do wotever you want to do la


Wednesday, May 26, 2010 ♥
Degree Life.. ♥ 1:38:00 PM

Next week is the beginning of my degree life~
My feeling is..

Nervous..cuz i dnt know whether i can easily make new frens or not..
Kinda sad cuz dnt know whether can same class vf Saki o not..
Worry cuz the fees is so expensive..Mummy surely very headache le..
And i dont know whether i can adapt to the new class or not..

Hope that God will guide me..
Lead me through all the days..
Hope everything will go smoothly..
Hope i can get ptptn..

I uphold everything unto You..


Monday, May 24, 2010 ♥
Time pass by~ ♥ 1:26:00 AM

Im bck to kampar..
Many things happen..
Many things change..
Everything doesnt seem like wat i wanted it to be..
Why..why all this happen..

Im totally out of idea..
I dont know how..
Ask me how..
But i dont know how..
Im reli lost..
Lord..help me..


Monday, May 10, 2010 ♥
Mother's Day~ ♥ 5:24:00 PM

Im back to ipoh!
HAha..celebrated mummy's birthday in Restaurant Dong Hoi vf my mum,sis and bro..
Then went to sing k vf them..mummy so happy..^^

Oh ya!mummy just come bck frm england~
and she bought me a watch..SWATCH^^
Then a pair of heels!Aww..love her!
She bought a DKNY watch for my sis and perfume for my bro..^^
Besides,she bought herself LV bag..Wow..
As long as she is happy,then im happy!

Really want to thank mummy for giving us love n care n provide us things v need..



Saturday, May 8, 2010 ♥
kL LIFE... ♥ 12:40:00 PM

Im in Kl rite now..
Life goes on..
!st day here then already fever...
For ur info..
Im in kl since this monday^^
But now im okay dy..still coughing~

At first when my mum ask me to come kl and stay vf my sis,
I was kinda refused to come..
Cus i dont reli want to come..Neva want to spend my sem break here..
But then atlast i came lu..

This few days that i spend vf my sis is quite fun..^^
I thank God for my sis tat took care of me when im sick..^^
Had a great time vf her..

Talk to her about me n gene..
Hope everything will be fine..


Tuesday, May 4, 2010 ♥
Just because im a student.. ♥ 10:11:00 PM

Just because im studying,so i cnt go into relationship?
Just because im a student,I wont be serious in a relationship?
Just because im a student,i dnt have the authority to make my life decision?
Just because im a student,and if im in a realtionship,i cnt grow in God's kingdom?

So that means a person that r working in the age of 20 can be in a relationship?
Or it means when those that r "matured" enough and know hu to seek when they face problem cn be in a relationship?

mayb ull think that i dnt understand or im nt matured enuf,
Mayb ull think that v r just emotionally attach,
But v r serious.'
Ull didnt even cm to know us deeper..
Its because ull r older than us,so ull know everything?
Ull go through everything?
But i cn tell u,
Not everyone go through same thing in their life.

I believe that ull should know the feelings when ppl dnt let u to be with the one u love.
I knw ull will say "I thank them for stopping me to be with that person when im in ur age"
But ask urself,iszt everyone sure will go through te same way u face?
yes,v surely go through wat u go through if u treat us as how they treated u last time.

You say tat ull know i long for guy's care n love.
Yeah,but do ull know y?
How u knw im still like tat?
Iszt because im in alot relationship b4?
Ull dnt believe that god had change me?
Dnt believe that God had forgive me?the old has gone the new has come?Ull believe it?

Y i write blog?
Y dnt say infront of ull?
Its because the way u talk to me makes me so hurt.
U dnt know my feelings when someone i love talk to me in the way of demanding me.
I feel uncomfortable.

when someone done something wrong in the past,
They had been categorized as "sinners".
Is that rite?NO..
As all of the christian knows that "the old has gone the new has come"
God forgives..N ya..v should repent.But u mean u wnt us to break?
Y cnt v make things rite?

I really hope that ull will give us a chance to prove that v cn make things rite..
It would not be easy..But v will be responsible on our decision.
As a church,y dnt ull support us?
As a family,y dnt support us?
Ull scared that i will be hurt,
But its my choice..
Let me go on..k?

I just want ull to know wat i feel..deep in my heart/..
Being in a relationship is not necessary will affect  our education..
Not necessary will affect our growth in Christ.
Its just the way we handle it..
I dont know whether ull believe or not..But me n gene believe that God will bless us if we continue to serve n not sin against Him..
If ull think that ull cnt raise us up..Fine..if ull think is God's will..

Please..give us a chance..


Monday, May 3, 2010 ♥
Sick.. ♥ 1:39:00 PM

I seriously hate to be sick..
I know everyone hates it..
First day in kl then sick dy..
Hope its not denggi la..

My bone pain=(

God please heal me..


Thursday, April 29, 2010 ♥
Woohhooo!!Sem Break!! ♥ 1:32:00 PM

Exam end lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Foundation End Lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HOPE WONT FAIL!!)

I want to sleep till gao gao!!
Want to watch alot movie!!!
Want to dance!!
Want to sing!!!

Today u come back lu^^

All the best to all that still having exam and those that gonna start exam soon!God bless!!^^


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ♥
One paper down~ ♥ 2:21:00 AM

Yesterday is the 1st paper!
Social psychology~
Easier as i thought!^^
Reli happy cuz i know how to do..
Altho gt some mistakes..
But i hope that i can get an A for this subject..

Next is maths..
Wow..This is really challenging to me..
Cus i have no idea wat im doin rite now.
Taking the maths tutorial question and trying to solve the questions..
I hope tat i can past this paper and go to degree~
Dnt want to repeat maths!

I sooooo wanted to talk to u..
Sorry but i have to focus..
Thursday will come soon..
Maths paper will end soon..
U will come back soon^^


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 ♥
Why?How? ♥ 3:26:00 AM

Watever i do,
I dont know u like or not.
When u dont like,
U tell me..
I tell u the reason,but you just keep quiet..
Then i oso dnt know wat to say le.
Why leh..
What should i do??
How to know wat u think leh??
I dont know.

I know its for my own good.
But i know wat im doing.
I just need something to keep me awake.
Telling me tat im not the only tat r awake.
Like tat only ma.


Monday, April 26, 2010 ♥
Tomorrow is the day~ ♥ 5:15:00 PM

After a week of study week..
Tmr is the day for me to take the 1st paper..
Social psychology..
Not as easy as i think..
Gotto give my very best to God,my family,u n myself..
I want to prove to my family that im not wasting their money..^^

This sem exam not same like past 2 sem..
This sem dring study week,
Someone special is there to support me.^^
This makes me more motivated to study..
(*u didnt make me lost focus ok..)
This sem got maths..
The subject im weak at..
But i thank God for Eu gene,Yun lai and ah hee for teaching me..^^
Tq for their patience toward me^^
I will try my best to give the best during exam^^

Wish me all the best~
And all the best to all of u tat are taking exam oso~

ps:thank you for being by my side~appreciate it so much!*hugs


Friday, April 23, 2010 ♥
I just dont feel like doin anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ 11:14:00 PM

What happen to me????
I really need sometime to calm down myself!!
But im out of time!!


Time pass by sooo fast.. ♥ 5:21:00 AM

Time pass by soo fast..
3rd sem end le..
Now almost end april le..
Last time i think tat time pass very slow..
But when i look back,
Actually time pass by very fast..
Fast till u cant c wat u actually doing..

As for us,
V had knw each other for almost a year le..
Never notice tat..haha..
Frm the first day v meet till today..
Alot things had change..
People around us..
Alot things had change..
Day by day..
V know each other more and more..
I will treasure the time..
And will not waste the time..
I will give my best..
And work out for the best..^^

Treasure your time..For time is really precious~


Thursday, April 22, 2010 ♥
Sweetness of my life^^ ♥ 3:03:00 AM

Nowadays my life became very sweet~^^
Because of u~
I have lots of sweetness in my life~^^

No matter wat..Lets walk together~~
Serve Him together~


Monday, April 19, 2010 ♥
I appreciate every moment.. ♥ 3:55:00 PM

Im reli thankful for all the things that happen..
Even the bad one..
Cuz that is how i learn something new..
Learn to grow up..
Mayb sometimes v will ask,"why does this happen to me??"
But then,
When v think back,
It actually helps us alot..
Help us to understand more..
N there v learn n grow mature..

I do appreciate every moment that i go thru..
Everything that happen to me..
I do learn something new..
Sometimes i did the same mistake,
But frm there,
I learn to be more stronger..
try not to let those that love me to worry..
Working hard on my life..
I hope one day my family will say "Girl,u had grown up"
Really hope that they will c my changes..
Wat people think of me,
It doesnt matter much..
But wat my family n those i love think,it really matter to me..

Sem 3 end le..
Now want to prepare for final n work hard so that i can go degree..
I would not know wat will happen next,
But i will give my best..n Give thanks in any circumstances..^^

i do appreciate every minute^^

I will learn to protect myself^^


Friday, April 16, 2010 ♥
True love change people's life..~^^ ♥ 1:37:00 AM

Recently i saw some videos of how guy propose to their love ones..
They r so creative..
Everytime i watch those videos,
I'm touch by it..
I can c how happy the girl is..

Is this consider as true love?
As when u fall in love to a person,
When u want to commit to this person and start a relationship..
A serious relationship..
Then u tend to think of alot things..
Alot ways trying to make ur love one to be happy..
Trying to give them the best..
Trying to make them love u as how u love them..

I guess its real that LOVE can really change a person..
Change a person's attitude,behavior and more n more..
From the bad to gud..
Love can really give joy to people..
Eventho sometimes LOVE does hurt people to..
But,it is not LOVE's fault..it is us..
Its either v make sacrifition or not..
Its either v commit to the relationship or not..
N is either u really love the person or not..

Nowadays almost everyone is seeking for LOVE..
The true LOVE..
A person that really LOVE u..
But..did u ever ask urself,
"M i ready for this?
If i found this person,
M i able to take care of him/her?"
All this questions..
I had ask myself too..
Im still in the process of learning^^
Learning to be patient..
Learning on how to take k of people arond me n myself so that i can take k of "him" in future..
Learning to have more understanding towards people..
Learning on how to cook..*cut carrot=P
Learning on how to encourage but not discourage people..
Wow..lots more to learn..
This is how we change rite?
Do u agree vf me that love can really change someone?

Mayb u already have ur partner..
Do treasure it..
Think before u do something..
If u really love him/her,
Surely u will willingly to change rite?
from ur bad attitude to gud one?
mayb some of u r still single..
But,dnt feel that u dont have hope..
U still have it..
Everyone have hope..
Is just that u want to believe and wait or not..
Wait for the right person to come into ur life..
N treasure that person..

Remember,a relationship doesnt come frm one person..
It comes frm two person..
When two person come together,
They become one,and they work hard together for a bright future..^^

Just now i saw my friend post this,
And it reli caught my eyes and i do agree with wat she said..
"No relationship is easy, but when it gets tough don’t give up, but persevere and work through the issues. Learn to listen, be willing to change, and be willing to do whatever it takes however hard it is to work out for the better!"

I believe that all of us is still in the process of learning..
Lets learn the gud one..not bad one..To live a gud life..

ps:remember,be creative ya..^^


Tuesday, April 13, 2010 ♥
u wont knw.. ♥ 1:31:00 AM

U dont even know how much i want to be with you..
How much i wan people to know that you are mine..
Why?why you say till as if as i dont wan..
U dont know..U dont know wat i feel..

Even if i tell u..
U say u understand..
But no..
Wat u say is different from wat u say..

Why cant you just believe me?
I talk to my fren..
Just fren..
Care for them only..
But yet,
Because of all this,
We argue..
Is it worth?
Y let all this to make us argue?
To polute our relationship..?
Why cant you believe in me?
U say u believe,But did u REALLY believe?
Im not complaining or wat..
Just want u to know..

I know that wat u experience brings u bad memory..
But..How can u take it in me..
Its not fair..
U say im special..
Do u reli mean it?

Ive tried to be the one u wan..
Im tired..
Im getting tired..
I realise tat..
I cnt fulfill wat u wan..
But oni God can..
Im just human..
I hope that u can accept me as who m i..

I really hope..
Really hope that v can move on..
I know now u feel no secure because we are not together..
But..y cnt wait?
Im oso suffer..
But i believe v can go through all this by God's strenght..
Lets serve Him 1st..K?

We wont know wat will happen next..
I dnt knw wat will happen in future..
But lets believe tat something gud will happen,k?

I pray and pray that u will be the one..
Hopw you will get well soon..


Sunday, April 11, 2010 ♥
My life testimony^^ ♥ 10:51:00 PM

Today,Im gonna testify God’s goodness to youll about my life for the past 7 years and how God change my life that makes me put faith in Him.For your info again,im 20 this year.My parents divorce when im only 5 years old.
My mum,bringing my sisters,brother and i myself,we stayed in my aunty’s house and start our new life.When im 8,my mum went to sabah.From 8 to 16 years old,I never stay with my family member.just with my aunty.At the age of 13,my mum went to Japan and i never had a chance to meet my mum for 2 years.W only can talk on phone..That time I feel so blur,because I don’t know anything about things happen around me.I start to grow up day by day,staying with relatives.I feel myself being leftout.I feel that my family don’t want me anymore, kicking me here and there.from mentakab to kl,frm kl to mentakab again.I start to have hatress..

I start to doubt God.I scolded God because He gave me this kind of life.Why do people have family with them but not me..??This cause me to seek love from guys.I thought I will get love from them.But I was wrong.Im totally hopeless.My life in secondary school is totally ruin.But then,God found me in the year of 2003,(im 13),He bring me back to Him.But still, I did not go to church,because I think its boring.I did pray in home.But everytime I pray,I cried and scolded God.I ask Him why will He give me this kind of life?But everytime,I make the same prayer,I say “God,please give me my family back together again.I want to stay with them,I don’t care whether they Iove each other or not,I just want them to stay with me.”I have selfishness,hatress,jealousy and unforgiveness in my heart.Because I think that no one loves me.My friend cheated on me,my cousins bully me.I became rebellious in school.Bully people,say voulger words,argue with teacher,and evem ponteng school.My life continue on like this untill im 17.I shifted back to ipoh and stay with my mum.And there is the turning point of my life.

I start to join Hope Ipoh,because my mum brought me there.At first,I dnt really feel commiting into the church.I just go because of my mum.But then,God really talk to me a lot,through sermon,people around me and etc.He told me that He never give up on me before.He bring me through all this.I never walk alone..

All the time when I pray to Him,He did comfort me.( i sleep well after that)He did also answered my prayer,im staying with my mum now!Altho not my whole family but then atleast Im staying with my mummy^^He changes my life..My attitudes towards people.. I learn to forgive people that have hurt me.I learn to love people,care people and share my testimony to people around me.Using the testimony about my life..I remember that my friends said that they see the changes in me too.I became friendly.^^

Friends,God had awaken me.For I had been blinded for so many years,but now I see.For im once lost but now im found.He found me and He never forsken me.All this things that ive gone through build up my trust in Him.For I know that there are someone that I can refer to whenever I face problem,and He is our heavenly Father.

Friends,I want to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to put faith in God.Mayb some of think that God didn’t hear your prayer,but I can tell you that,He did.What you need is just a simple faith.For if you believe,you will see miracles..

Im gonna end this with a bible verse,my favourite verse that keep me on,

Proverbs 3:5-6,"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways,acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."


truely from my heart.. ♥ 10:38:00 PM

Sometimes its not that i dont care..
I dont say it out doesnt mean i dont care..
Im also a human..
Im also a girl..
I have feelings..
When i heard what u said,
I know where is ur heart,
But then,
Somehow i will feel uneasy..
As like wat u always tell me,
Telling me that u dont feel gud when i attract people attention..
But i want you to know..
Know where my heart is..
Do you understand now?
The feeling when i tell you my true feelings.?

All the days,
Im in the process of learning..
Learning on how to care for people more..
Show love to people..
Forgive people that have hurt me..
And now..
I start to learn to be patient..
Everytime when you tell me how frutrated you are,
U dont even know how hurt am i..
How sad m i..
How i feel about myself..
I cant help you much,
But to only borrow my ears to u..
As i always tell u..
I can pray for you..

I just hope that u will understand..
What you feel is wat i feel..
And God knows it..
He knows everything..
I just need ur understanding towards me also..
Sometimes i will also feel tired..
I will also want to say out wat i feel..
But,i think of your feelings too..
Thats y i didnt say it out because I dont want to argue..

I dont know what will happen in the future..
What i can do is to pray hard..
Pray that God will help us thru all this days..
Pray that HE will guide us..
And pray that God will help u in things u r facing..

You always than me for being so tolerate and for being understanding..
But i tell u..
Dont thank me..Thank God..^^
For HE is the one that teach me all this..
And i hope that u will also learn from Him..^^
Learn together,k?

Let's shine for J.C.(Jesus Christ)^^


Saturday, April 10, 2010 ♥
Only Hope ♥ 4:27:00 PM

There's a song that's inside of my soul..
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again..
I'm awake in the infinate cold..
But you sing to me over and over and over again..

So,I lay my head back down..
And I lift my hands and pray..
to be only yours I pray..
To be only yours..
I know now youre my only hope..

Sing to me the songs of the stars..
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again..
When it feels like my dreams are so far..
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again..

So,I lay my head back down..
And I lift my hands and pray..
To be only yours I pray..
To be only yours..
I know now your my only hope..

I give you my destiny..
Im giving you all of me..
I want your symphony..
Singing in all that I am..
At the top of my lungs..
I'm giving it back..

So,I lay my head back down..
And i lift my hands and pray..
To be only yours i pray..
To b only yours..
I know now your my only hope...

My only hope...

I believe that He will answer my prayer one day..
Or maybe..He already answered..


Tuesday, April 6, 2010 ♥
Time flies... ♥ 8:15:00 PM

So fast..
April dy lu..
And its already almost a year im in utar..
So so fast..
Last time when im in pahang,
I wished tat the time faster past so that i can go out to the world..
But now..
I wish tat the time can stop..
So tat i cn rest..
Sometimes time past too fast until i cnt even breath..

But then,
I thank God tat He pushed me when i want to stop..
He didnt not let me give up..
He pushes me on..Leading me through the days,.
The hard times..
Sad times..
N now,
I c myself in university..^^
Last time thought tat i will not be able to futher my study..
Well,obviously,Im wrong!
God reli bless me alot..
I thought i will be like those teenagers,
Getting married in young age..
But then,I didnt^^
I prove to the people tat look down on me tat they r wrong..
Im not tat weak..
Im not tat stupid as how they think..
I have my God!^^

Im reli happy vf wat im going through..
Altho there r problems sometimes..
In studies..
In relationship..
In serving..
But He did not give up on me..
N tats y,
Im still standing till now..^^
Thank God for my family..
For loving me..
providing me things i need..
Thank God for a bunch of Babes around me..
Helping me when i need them..
N Thank God for a "pig"..
For cheering me up when im down..hehe..

Thank God for everything!^^


Sunday, April 4, 2010 ♥
Jealousy.. ♥ 1:36:00 AM

Jealousy..Wat do u guys think bout this?
I hate jealousy..
It makes us argue..
Makes things go wrong..
I reli dnt like it..
I knw..
U feel jealous cuz u care tat person..
But sometimes..u need the trust..
U say u love her/him?
But yet u jealous because she/he had a conversation vf her/his fren?
Yes..being jealous is not wrong..but sometimes,u gotto control oso..
Sometimes i just dont understand..
When i get jealous,
People will tell me tat i shouldnt..
Because i should knw tat his heart is in me..not others..
So i control..
But yet..
People cn get jealous..
Y must control my life leh..
Its my life..i just hope to make frens only..
Not to harm someone or wat..
Y...y cnt i just be myself..

I hate jealousy


Thursday, April 1, 2010 ♥
Week 5 le... ♥ 11:43:00 PM

So fast rite?
I still haven start study!OMG!
Reli need to start le...
Expecially maths!!!
Oh god..pls give me wisdom on how to do..

Btw,me,saki n charmaine was planning to go kl n melacca for holiday!
1 month holiday eh..
haha!but dnt knw mummy let or not...
Hope she will let le...

Reli hope tat i cn score well in 3rd quiz..
its reli important for me..

Im super duper HEALTHY~!^^

ps: take k of urself..will pray tat God will heal u completely ya..^^make sure u r healthy a..


Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ♥
raining.. ♥ 5:10:00 PM

Its raining outside...
Im sitting infront of the laptop n missing u..
Dnt knw y..
Everytime when it rains,
My heart starts to miss u..
Its like...i cnt control my heart..
Just want to say..
I reli miss u..^^

Raining makes ppl feel lonely..rite?
Bt i knw..i got You..^^

Cnt wait for may to come..
Gonna have more time to spend vf u then^^
I will like to sit infront of the wall..hahaha..

Come bck to my study life..
Its reli killing me anyway..
Very sked tat i will fail...
Y cnt i understand it?
Y m i making it so complicated?
I dnt knw..
I have no idea..
Hope tat i cnt score some extra marks frm midterm...

ps:If i could go Mcd vf u,
Tat would be fun^^


Thursday, March 25, 2010 ♥
Babes... ♥ 4:42:00 PM

Sometimes i do an evaluation on my life since the day i step in Utar..
I see wat did i learned..
How my life change..
Wat benefits i get..
N ya..
I found alot..
I go through alot obstacles..
Alot alot..
And sure,happiness..^^
I c how i grow slowly in church..
How bro n sis in church grow..
Cying new life joining us..
Its great..^^

Joining Voice of Utar..
Joining Cross V..
Performing in skul..
My dreams comes true^^

One of the great thing is..
i have a gang of babes vf me^^
Im reli glad to have my babes vf me...
Love them so much..
as wat Saki says,
"to be a bitch or not to be a bitch"
Hope tat our friendship last forever....


ps:n knowing u too^^


Arghhh!!! ♥ 1:15:00 AM

To those tat are reading..
Dnt knw y cnt log in a.............

Add my new account ya..


Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ♥
Sweet n sour.. ♥ 10:33:00 PM

Yesterday was nt a good day for me..
Something happen..
Something not really good happened..
I dont want to talk about it..sorry..
But then im ok right now..
Hope everything will be ok..
Thank God that i have God with me..
N He send pig to me..
He cheered me up..
Tq so much..
N God also send my crazy babes with me..
During discussion for assignment,
They make me laugh alot..^^
Then went home,
God send another angel to me^^
She is my roommate aka shephard..
She bring me out for yam cha by bicycle..^^
And belanja me drink and eat..
Tq so so much!
Love ull sooo much!

Today was a quite normal day for me..
But then dont know why i have the kind of missing someone sooooo much!
So strong kind of feeling!!
Dont know why a..
God help me..

Need to study maths n social psychology le..
Jia you!!


Monday, March 15, 2010 ♥
Another week.. ♥ 11:53:00 AM

Time pass by sooo fast..
N alot things hapen this few days..

My laptop..
Arghh..Window 7 expired..
Restart every 2 hours..
My handphn..
Suddenly blackout..
Now go factory..
Exam for maths..
Not so gud...
So bad lo..
Money..haiz..amost finish dy..
Because of performance,spend around rm120+..
So shit
Stillhave to be thankful lo..
Im learning to give thanks in any circumstances.=)

not all bad things happen only..
Yesterday mummy come find me for dinner!Miss her so so much!^^
God is great^^
Also,God speaks to me too..
He showed me vision during cg n prayer meeting..

During caregroup,
He showed me a swan,
This swan in on the water vf alot of dirts on its body..
It can wash itself in the water,
But it doesnt do so..
I believe God is telling me tat,
V people,
Is like the swan,
The dirts,is our sin,bad things tat v had done,
The water,is God..
God is always there waiting for us,
Is just whether v wan to take the steps to dip ourself in the water or nt..
V people smtimes commit to sin,
N we dnt wan to confess to God,
V feel ashame,
V think tat God wont forgive us,
But then,
He is always there to forgive us..
Wht v need to do is to open our heart,
Tell Him,
Ask Him for forgiveness,
N surely He will forgive..
Its just the steps..
V have to make the 1st step..
No one cn force us bt ourselves..

For the bible says,"Ask and it will be given to you,
Seek and you will find,knock and the door will be opened to you.For everyone who asks receives,he who seeks finds and to him who knocks,the door will be opened."
Take action!^^

2nd vision i saw is during prayer meeting..
He showed me a group pf people..
They were hodling hands together tighty,
No one is letting go of anyone..
They were closing their eyes n praying.
Then,i saw wind blowing them,
N darkness..
But yet,
the group of ppl continue to hold on each other hand..
Few of them were tired,
N they started to fall,
Bt the person beside them pull them up n support them,
finally,they stand up again..n continue to pray..
When they pray n pray n support each other through the hard times,
I saw light.
A very bright light shine through them,
N there,they all rejoice together happily.
Through this vision,
I believe God wants to say tat,
Unity among ppl is very important.
The ppl in church is like body of Christ.
The church sometimes might face persecution,
But if v support one another,
V would be able to stand together,
N though all this,
V need LOve,Care n Patient.
N atlast,
When v continue to grab hold God's word,
V will c victory^^

I reli thank God for showing me the visions..
As He reminded me of His love n teach me alot through the visions..
Brother n sister in Christ,
If ull r reading this,
Always remember,
V r the body of Christ,
 Be strong n courages..
For He will support us..
We need to come as a church so tat His will be done..
Bro n sis,
Sometimes in church,
V talk to our bro n sis,
V say v love them so much bt do v reli care for each other?
After church service,
Did u reli spent time vf bro n sis?
It is very important..
V shud have a strong relationship vf each other..
Lets learn together^^

Last thursday till sunday is a very memorable day for me^^
Cus someone is back..haha..^^

ps:altho just few days,
     but i appreciate the time v spent together^^
     Hope u like the thingy..*im still waiting for the picture..
     Continue to serve Him^^


Sunday, March 7, 2010 ♥
Performance end~! ♥ 5:06:00 PM

Finally..everything is over~
Performance all end lu..
Learn alot thru the events..

Had spend a great time vf Cross V members..^^
This sem nt gonna perform lu..
Cuz everyone is busy..
Gonna miss the time tat v spend together..

The time when v rehersal for dance fiesta..


                                                                   tha babes v fren~

                                                          like clubbing..lol..without alchohol~
Alot ppl say v look like power rangers!LOL
Vf leng zais~@.@
Vf Miller~
Cross V vf frens~
Vf May n Saki~
Vf Jeff~
Haha..he is cute^^
Not to forget oso..during wushu event~VOU~
Xin Yi,Ocean,Yl n me~!

Yesterday perform for Utar Model Search!
Congrats to Josheen n Kenny!
Want to thanks Yl n Ocean..
Yl help me ply guitar n ocean duet vf me..hehe..

Time pass by sooooo fast!
2nd sem coming soon..
Have to catch up those tat i dnt und..
Ricky offer me tat he cn teach me maths!^^
Thank God~!
So im gonna focus in this two subject^^
Socio psycho n maths..
Socio psycho nt bad lu..hehhe..
Have to jia you jia you!

My next target..
Gonna share GOOD NEWS to ppl around me!!
Salvation come~
Want to start followup ppl lu..^^

Jia you Jia you!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010 ♥
Buzy week!@.@ ♥ 12:08:00 AM

Came bck frm bible conference..
N then start a new week le~
Tis week is the 1st week of my 3rd sem!!^^
Is also the week tat im like vampire==
This week got so many performance!!
n it was the 1st time tat i perform in one week...@.@
Let me tell u bout my schedule..

Monday = performance for the wushu club in Zhong Hua primary school..
                 representing Voice Of Utar..performance not bad but..audience not much response..=.=
Tuesday = Rehersal for dance fiesta,Utar model n church praise and worship..N added in,later gonna
                 practice vf ocean cus v gonna sing duet during Utar Model..
Wednesday = Practice for dance fiesta,n then lead praise n worship..
Thursday = Performance for DANCE FIESTA!*Come support us...hehe
Friday = 9am rehersal for Utar model again..at nite got prayer meeting..
Saturday = Performance for Utar model!sing n dance..==
Sunday = Sunday service..the day for me to rest in God..

oh ya..besides..i gt class to attend..imagine i have to go class n then prac..
Im so so so tired..
Alot ppl ask me whether im ok o nt..haha...cus i look pale..
Well,altho its very tiring..
N hurt myself alot time during dance..
But still,
It is my choice to perform..
So i have to be ready for all this..
Give thanks to God for all this^^
Gonna put more effort in study after this week..^^

Cross V n Voice Of Utar,JIA YOU!!


Friday, February 26, 2010 ♥
Tired-nya~! ♥ 9:40:00 AM

Came back to kampar on Monday nite n began to practice dance for upcoming event le~
Saki babe theyll already began on Monday..
Saki's leg gt "hei qing" leh~Kelian..
Then I went to gym room on Tuesday morning around 10am..
Guess v dance till wat time??
...7PM!!!*but gt rest la sure..
So tired!!
Then i hurt my leg too..
After that went to makan vf cross V members n then went to church..
Gt some talk..
So tired n slipy tat time..
Around 11pm only go bck home..
I cnt even feel my body le..
Go bath then go tidur dy..

Then on Wed,
Same lu..
10am again..
But till 5pm then semua pun dah nak pengsan..
My knees oso "hei Qing" dy..
Then went to makan,then go home..
After tat go care group in church..
Wah..Tired dao...@.@

Then thurs came..
same time..but..
Im late!=P
I went there around 11.30..
Then start dance..
Charmaine babe come bck dy!^^
So have to teach her while Ling teach coco..
Then v start dance till 5pm.
Cuz gt ppl wan to use the room..
Tat day all Cross V babes came!Haha..
So the dance became complete n it looks...SEXY~XD
Bt then Charmiane n Coco still nt completely remember all steps,
But then they gt the SEXY look~^^
This time,
I hurt my bckbone..T.T
Its extremely PAIN!!
Then bengkak tim..
After tat they ask me rest..
So,ok lo..
I rest..
Went home n then rest lu..
Then hor!
Results out le!!
Thank God i neva fail!!XD
Altho the result is nt as wat i expected,
But then still thank God!^^
No D la..haha...

So now..
Im now waiting for my fren to fetch me to kl..
Bible conference in Kl!!
Its a church event^^
3 days 2 nite~^^
Altho my backbone still hurts but then i believe God will heal me^^
Cnt wait to go there^^
Gonna o shopping 1st!!HAHAHA
Then meet u lo!HAhaha
K la..
Go to go ger lu..
Take k everyone!!

To all that will be having midterm,JIA YOU!!!

ps:I m just myself..If u dnt like me,Get Away.I dnt even CARE


Monday, February 22, 2010 ♥
Wat i trully need? ♥ 1:15:00 AM

Im not young le.
Im 20 this year.
I knw wat m i doing.

Im lazy,
Yes,i admit.
But did u see my changes??
U didnt even try to c.
Always look at my bad side ,y dnt look at wat im good at??
Whatever you say,
I hear,
I keep quiet,DOESNT mean i dnt care,
DOESNT mean i did wrong.
It just that i dnt dare to sound out.

Did ull ever hear my opinion?
YEs,ull care me so much,
Love me so much,
Do so many things for me,
I know de..
But sometimes ull just too over le.

Wat i wan is not freedom,
Cus i knw i can have true freedom from who,
That is through God.
Wat i wan is ull to hear my opinion.
Atleast let me finish my words n think of wat i said..
Dnt say "NO" before i finish talking or even dnt hear when im talking..
It hurts me,u knw?
Everytime i try to talk to ull,
Chat vf ull,
Even tell ull wat am i facing now..
But wat ull did?
Ull straight away scold,or ignore me,
Or either stop me frm doing something.

Like someone is not a sin,rite?
Everyone will go thru all this.
I did not start the relationship because i got think bout youll.
But ull didnt do anything but say "YOU R TOO YOUNG,LIKE PEOPLE FOR WHAT?"
Ull neva like anyone during my age?
Cn u try to understand my feeling?
I knw,
Ull scared i will be hurt,
But this is not the way to protect me.
One day you have to let me go too..
I believe God will guide me..
Ull dnt believe tat?

Sometimes i just feel like keep quite,
Dnt wan to tell anything bout wat i face to anyone,
But God wan me to tell ull,cus v r family..
But wats ur response?

I admit tat sometimes im kinda naughty,
Dnt wan to hear wat u say,
But i have my reason.
Did ull knw tat when everytime i wake up,
I have to rest for 5 to 10 min b4 i fully sit up?
I will have headache if i dnt.
Ull know or not?
I dnt wan to tell ull is because i know ull sure say "ITS AN EXCUSE"
Wat cn i say then?

Sometimes i reli cnt stand..
I need you ll to support me..
I dnt need alot money,
I dnt need branded stuff,
I dnt need all of us to sit together,
Wat i need is more care.
Even if u say,"V support u" or "V love You",its enuf le..
Even  a hug or a tab on my shoulder,
Its enuf le..

When i get result for exam,
The 1st thing i wan to do is wat?
I wan to tell ull.
but did u encourage me vf good words?

Wat other people say about me,
I dnt even care,
But if even ull oso dont believe me,
I feel hurt.
Ull r important to me..
Cn ull trust me?
Im trying real hard to prove to ull..
But ull seems like dont knw..
Mayb im not doin gud enuf?

The reason i write tis blog is not to complain or wat..
I just wan u to knw wat i truly feel deep in my heart..
I dare not tell u all this in face or phone..
I dare not..
I cnt imagine wat will happen..
Im sorry if i said something wrong..
But this is wat i feel..
Its nt ur wrong or wat..
Mayb im childish
i just dnt understand..

I love youll..
Youll r very important for me..


Sunday, February 21, 2010 ♥
To change from a coward to a warrior ♥ 11:46:00 PM

Did anyone tell u tat u need to change frm ur bad habit?
Did u successful to be change?

Someone told me something..
N it reli bring a great impact to me..
Altho it hurts me..
Its true..
Wat he say is true..
I did not do wat i say..
I did not put effort..
I did not even try n i want to give up..
Im a coward,rite?

I reli wan to change..
Im just stuck..
Like something blocking my road to move forward..
I dnt knw wat to do..
Im struggling...
Just God knows..
I pray tat He will give me strenght n dicipline to go through all this..
I want to ask forgiveness from the Lord...
For not putting my faith in Him..

Today went to sunday service n listen to Pastor Moses sermon..
He talk about how to b a hero..
Like a tiger..
N neva give up..
He talk about one guy name ,
He is at first a coward..
He doubt God..
He doesnt believe in wat God can do..
But then,
God change what he thinks..
He put his faith in the Almighty God n started to believe in Him..
And God is happy.
He told this person tat he is a great warrior!

Can you believe it?
A coward to a great warrior?
I believe it..
For i think im a coward n start to doubt God..
But thanks God tat He reminded me of His great promises to us..
"I will walk with you,My Child.For nothing is impossible through Christ"

I want to also say sorry to "you",
I knw i have hurt u for giving u that kind of respond when u r advicing me..
But,i reli dnt knw how to respond..
Cus wat u say is reli true..
I did not put enuf effort in study..
Always facebook..
I knw its for my own good..
I will learn n put more effort..
Thank you for reminding me^^

In sem3,
I promise to God,my family n u tat i will put more effort in my study..
Dnt worry tat i cnt handle my time,
Please do trust on me.^^


my new hair style~=P ♥ 7:19:00 PM

haha..forgive me for being so zi lian..=P

this hair cuz me RM112..haha..

quite affortable..cuz near cny le..haha

How was it a?
Nice kah??=P

Sorry for the late update^^


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